Thursday, May 24th, 2007
Board meeting starts at 7:00 P.M.
Valley Bible Church meeting room
18th St. and Osborn

Avalon Neighborhood Association Newsletter May 2007
Our May Speaker - Kerry Wilcoxon, P.E.
City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department
Safety and Neighborhood Traffic Section

Kerry works with neighborhood groups on local traffic studies and helps identify potential locations for speed humps, traffic circles and other traffic mitigation devices. Of particular interest to our neighborhood is installation of corner ramps (moms with their baby strollers, children riding their bikes) plus any other issues YOU would like for Kerry to address. See you there.

Kerry is a mechanical engineer from the University of Arizona class of 1986. After graduation, he served as an officer in the U.S. Navy in Florida. He later moved to Phoenix and managed the engineering department for a seat belt manufacturing company before hiring on at the City of Phoenix as the head of the Safety and Neighborhood Traffic Management Section.


Our property values - indeed our entire neighborhood - are in great danger. Seriously! We have all gone by the "Hot Shots Billiards" on the corner of 16th St. and Verde Lane across the street from Walgreen's. Let me tell you of the danger.

Approximately three months ago, a change of liquor ownership was applied for and came up before the City Council for a decision. Thanks to our neighboring groups - GCLNA, west of 16th St. and the Coronado neighborhood who turned out in mass numbers, the application was turned down. More about the applicant further on.

Now comes the problem. They have appealed to the State Liquor Board for a reversal of the denied application. The State Liquor Board has been known to grant a license.

At the City Council hearing, the police department presented background information on the applicant. At one time, he killed someone, has been in law-breaking gangs, made and provided meth among other things. Our neighboring group west of us -GCLNA- has heard more about this individual wanting to turn the billiard hall into a bar - - a strip bar or a cabaret. There goes the neighborhood.

To read the City Council Report, click here: Hot Shots's Liquor Application

Our neighborhood must turn out in mass to oppose this to the State Liquor Board. The hearing will be June 7th, beginning at 1:30 P.M. 800 West Washington. (602)542-5141

Mark your calendar!


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